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EZ-Lawn Restoration Package 3

EZ-Lawn Restoration Package 3

SKU: EZ-Lawn Restoration Package 3

Enjoy the simplicity of ordering all of your lawn restoration products in one place, calculated for just the right square footage so you dont end up storing extra product that only has a 1 year shelf life.  Our packages are designed using only the best seeds, fertilizers and soils to maximize the potential for optimum growing and germination rates. And the best part about the packages? We deliver everything you need right to your doorstep in one convienent package.  Now that makes it easy!


This Package includes materials to cover up to 1500 sq. ft.

2- Yard Premium Topsoil (60% Blue Ribbon Compost blended with our standard double screened topsoil)

2- 5lb bag of our Premium DELUXE Grass Seed

*25% VNS Creeping Red Fescue

*25% VNS Perennial Ryegrass

*20% 98/85 Kentucky Bluegrass

*15% Minnfine Kentucky Bluegrass Coated

*15% Deep Blue Kentucky Bluegrass


3- 5lb bag Fertilizer w/ Weed Control

*21-22-4 35% MU w/.08% Mesotrione Starter with pre-emerge annual grass/weed control


3- EZ-Straw with Tackifier (Covers up to 500 sq. ft.)per bundle




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