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Topsoil & Organics

Benefits of Blended Topsoil and Organic Compost

  • Regenerates soil by improving aeration, increasing water retention, buffering pH, and adding organic matter

  • Provides necessary nutrients and moisture when placed around the base of trees and plants

  • Adds key nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium

  • Meets US Composting Council “Seal of Approval” and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) requirements to ensure not only a quality product but a safe one

  • Certified for organic production, vegetable and flower gardening, use around trees and shrubs, and lawn application

  • Monitored for trace metals, unwanted pathogens, and compost maturity

  • Tested quarterly to ensure product is safe and free of weed seed

TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin Topsoil Blended
TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin Premium Topsoil
TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin Premium Topsoil
     IN 2023

Single Screened Lawn & Garden Blend
In Stock
$35 Yard

Double Screened Lawn & Garden Blend
(5 Yard Minimum for delivery)
In Stock

$40 Yard

Screened Premium Blended

In Stock

$45 Yard

 Brown sandy loam, a heavier soil used under seed and sod. Also good for filling in and building up around foundations.  This soil is screened one time and will contain some 1/4" to 1/2" marble sized balls of soil.

 Brown sandy loam, a heavier soil used under seed and sod. Also good for filling in and building up around foundations.  This soil is screened twice using two different size screens and will contain very small 1/4" marble like balls of soil.

 Lighter in weight than brown topsoil. Blue Ribbon Organics mixed with brown topsoil. Recommended for gardens and flower beds.

TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin Blue Ribbon Organics

Black & Blue Premium Blend

Out of Stock for Season
$55 Yard

Black and Blue Premium blended topsoil is an equal blend of our black peat dirt and our Blue Ribbon Organics.  This premium blend is our #1 choice for flower pots and vegetable garden boxes

TLC Acres Blue Ribbon Organics Supplier Germantown Wisconsin
Blue Ribbon Organics Germantown Wisconsin TLC Acres

Screened Blue Ribbon Organics
In Stock

$50 Yard

After months of turning the compost with care, monitoring windrow temperatures, maintaining moisture, and taking all the necessary steps to create a quality and safe finished product, we are ready to help jump-start your vegetables, fruit trees, and shrubs…top-dress sections of your lawn…or start your hardiest crop of seedlings yet!

Un-Screened Topsoil

Brown topsoil taken directly from our topsoil stockpiles. This soil is un-screened May have some stones or lumps. We recommend only using this soil if you are spreading it with a machine.

TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin Fieldrun Topsoil

Field Run Topsoil

In Stock

$20 Yard

This type of soil contains a mixture of large and small soil particles.

Ideal for:
-Creating mounds or elevated landscaping

-Subbase for seeded or sodded lawns before application of finish screened layer

Do you need a large quantity? Click below to learn about quantity discounts.

Buying by the Truck Load

Are you looking at seeding your lawn or building an elevated landscape?  TLC Acres offers large load trucking of 20+ yard loads.

Topsoils Screener with Dumptruck.jpg

Need Help Determining How Much You Need?

Enter your area dimensions into the material calculator here for an accurate estimate.

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