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Quality Mulch and Wood Chips

We Offer several Landscape Mulch and Wood Chip Varieties to Meet all of Your Landscape Needs

Hardwood Mulch

Natural Mulch

Why should I apply Mulch?  The reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Hardwood Mulch TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin

Natural Shredded Hardwood Mulch
In Stock

$30.00 Yard

This natural bark is brown in color and double-shredded giving you a uniform consistency with moisture control.

Ideal for decorative landscaping and planting purposes.  This is the most commonly used mulch in most landscape applications.

Hemlock Mulch TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin

Natural Hemlock Blend Mulch

In Stock

$43.00 Yard

Hemlock is a softwood tree used for many industrial purposes. Its bark has a rich, red to orange or burgundy color, which accents plants in the garden and creates contrast among all the green growing things. This is blended with small to medium-sized pieces of pine bark.  It is an organic mulch that has a fine to medium chunk.  

Dyed Enviro-Mulch

Our Color Enhanced Mulches are 100% Mill By-Product.  We do not sell waste wood and pallets that have been ground up to mulch.

We are 100% confident that what you are buying from us is safe for your plants, pets, and family.

Dyed Bark Brown Mulch TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin

Brown Envio-Mulch

In Stock
$34.00 Yard

Our brown color enhanced hardwood mulch is used to beautify your landscaping. Safe for all applications. This mulch is colored with environmentally-friendly vegetable dye for season-long color retention.

Ideal for:
-Weed control
-Water and moisture control
-Family and Pet Safe

Dyed Red ULCH TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin

Red Enviro-Mulch

In Stock

$34.00 Yard

Red Enviro-Mulch is a ground Pine Mulch that is dyed red with an environmentally safe dye. It will hold its color for at least a season and compost to feed you plants as well.


Ideal for:

-Weed control

-Water and moisture control

-Family and Pet Safe

Wood Chips

Playground wood chips, also known as engineered wood fiber, are designed specifically for playgrounds. Engineered wood chips have several advantages over regular wood chips or mulch. Playground chips are made from untreated wood, so they are completely free of hazardous chemicals.

Certified Playground Wood Chips TLC Acres Germantown Wisconsin

Certified Playground Wood Chips
In Stock


Our certified playground cover has met specific requirements set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and has been tested to ensure they meet or exceed those standards.

The IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) certification process uses a third-party to test the materials.

Walking Path Wood Chips

Garden or Walking Path Wood Chips
Special Order


Our hardwood wood chips are thin chips varying in size and are blonde in color. Our wood chips are processed at the mill from debarked trees. Having no bark produces a clean chip.

Ideal for:
-Flower beds

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