30% Off Existing Nursery Stock Including trees and shrubs.

TLC Acres, LLC - Mulch and Tree Nursey

TLC Acres is a full service wholesale and retail nursery and mulch supplier in Germantown, Wisconsin. TLC Acres sells mulch, wood chips, topsoil, evergreens, trees, shrubs and perennials. TLC Acres serves Metro Milwaukee including, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, Richfield, Colgate, Sussex, Lannon, Jackson, Slinger, and West Bend. TLC offers free mulch delivery with 8+ yards ordered.

Mulch, Woodchips and Topsoil

Hardwood - $27/Yd
Red Enviro - $32/Yd
Brown Enviro - $32/Yd
Hemlock Blend - $43/Yd
Topsoil Lawn & Garden Mix - $30/Yd